D9 THCO Cartridge 2.2ML – Blue Watermelon

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A combination of Delta 9 THCO and Delta 8 Live Resin.  Available in a 2.2ml cartridge.

Blue watermelon gives a blast of fruity flavors with tangy berries and Watermelon for a delightful tropical profile.

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3 reviews for D9 THCO Cartridge 2.2ML – Blue Watermelon

  1. Kaz R. (verified owner)

    Not too shabby the turps (the flavor) is very good and not too overwhelming but you would get tired of it after a while but nonetheless its very good. The high is wonderful not too overwhelming and not really underwhelming some where in the middle. Now the cart lasting time, is somewhere between 2 – 3 weeks IF you manage it. The duration of the high is around 6-7 hours if you take nice 8 second rips off of it. Now be warned you may experience some alterations if you smoke too much of it. Over all rating 7/10 would do again.

  2. Ashton J. (verified owner)

    Lasted a long time because of it’s size. Flavor was similar to the aftertaste of watermelon hubba bubba.

  3. Sunde L. (verified owner)

    Nice effects! It’s got a smooth watermelon taste without being too sweet. Would definitely order again!

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 A combination of Delta 9 THCO and Delta 8 Live Resin. Delta 9 THCO is more potent and has longer lasting effects than standard THC. According to research, d9 THC-O is 3x stronger than regular delta-9 THC and 6x stronger than delta-8 THC.

*Patent Pending


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