the award winning

3ML Disposable

the award winning

3ML Disposable

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Designer cannabis, curated for you. Discover where your hemp-derived journey will begin. No matter what cannabinoid, method, or effect you’re looking for, Urb has the highest quality products at affordable prices for your selection.

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THC Infinity offers you premium distillate and terpenes all wrapped up in our award winning 3ML device.

Browse the full range of cannabinoids to find your perfect blend.

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Sativa strains are a more popular choice for the morning and during the middle of the day.  Creativity is sparked with these strains.


Hybrid strains are preferred when you want the best of both worlds. A  perfect middle between energy and relaxation.


Indica strains are typically preferred at night time and are known to have a relaxing “whole-body” sensation.

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THC Infinity
3ML Disposable