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Liquid Badder Disposable 3ML – Cotton Candy

(9 customer reviews)


Our new Liquid Badder is a concentrate in this blend that rivals our Saucy Diamonds with its golden, smooth, and creamy consistency.

A euphoric strain full of sweet floral notes and lavender.

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9 reviews for Liquid Badder Disposable 3ML – Cotton Candy

  1. Kelvin L. (verified owner)

    Sometimes you can get a burnt disposable mine was, so it wasn’t really a great flavor, but the first hit tasted amazing, it actually was like cotton candy, I let other people try it and they said they tasted the cotton candy too but later on it fades when it gets lower. Then you can barely taste anything. I do recommend this if your trying new stuff, but that’s only if you like cotton candy.

  2. Eboni M.

    I wanted to try a new brand, went to my local shop and tried it the taste takes a little while to get use to.definitely can taste cotton candy somewhat, as well as the floral taste. I love it so far and definitely gets me high .

  3. Edgar G. (verified owner)

    I had read the comments and I saw bad and good and anyway I wanted to try and buy it and I can say that it is worth it, the taste is soft and sweet

  4. AIDAN Q. (verified owner)

    Tastes burnt. Very slight hint of cotton candy but genuinely just tastes like burnt plastic. Got me high but I don’t know if I really trust it all too much.

  5. Joshua P. (verified owner)

    Tastes nothing like “cotton candy”. This tastes like burned cookies. Yuk

  6. Taylor B.

    I love this disposable! Found this brand in a local smoke shop when I asked for something good and strong! They did not disappoint. I smoke very regularly and this pen is great as a replacement!

  7. Billy H.

    When I arrived at my most favorite boutique within this city that I dwell in for my monthly grabs. One of my grabs was a Cotton Candy Liquid Badder. After my initial puff I had fallen in love as it helped with this chronic pain that I deal with. I was also impressed that a hemp company packaged this disposable in a child protective case. Respect and WORD.
    Much love!!

  8. CJ M. (verified owner)

    If you experienced something insane lasting 30 hrs…it was not caused by this product.

    These are great! I have tried a few different flavors of the Liquid Badder products, and the Cotton Candy holds the best flavor all the way until it’s empty. If you enjoy cotton candy flavor, you will dig this disposable.

  9. .

    picked one up at the dispo by me, was good for the first day, the 2nd day I was up 30hrs and experienced a horrible panic attack at 4am out of the blue.

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Our new Liquid Badder is a concentrate that rivals our Saucy Diamonds with its golden, smooth, and creamy consistency–almost that of cake batter. Its extraction process is similar to live resin, with fresh frozen flower to ensure the most natural taste. The badder is whipped to the perfect form and holds the plant oils. This provides flavors and effects that are highly sought after by concentrate connoisseurs. We’ve added THC-A, THC-B, THC-P, and Live Resin to round this blend off with euphoric properties.

– Don’t leave disposables in a hot car or hot weather

– Don’t leave in direct sunlight

– Store your disposables in an upright position

– Don’t use the preheat multiple times

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